India'Did Sudheeran also pollute the Congress?' MV Jayarajan with the question

‘Did Sudheeran also pollute the Congress?’ MV Jayarajan with the question


  • Was the resignation dirty?
  • Blaming the KPCC president for the Sangh Parivar mindset
  • VM Sudheeran Sudhakaran has a headache

Kochi: CPM Kannur district secretary MV Jayarajan said that VM Sudheeran will always be a headache for Sangh Parivar-minded KPCC president K Sudhakaran. In a Facebook post, Jayarajan asked if the resignation of former KPCC president and senior Congress leader VM Sudheeran from the Political Affairs Committee was a waste.

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VM Sudheeran had earlier said that the anti-people globalization and privatization policy was the cause of the Congress’s continuous setbacks, miserable defeats and setbacks in the elections. The Gandhian tradition of upholding secularism against communalism is often reminiscent of the Congress leadership. VM Sudheeran is a headache for the new Sangh Parivar-minded KPCC president.

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The KPCC president and the Leader of the Opposition have ridiculed Sudheeran’s suggestions for the appointment of DCC presidents and ridiculed the criticism that the Political Affairs Committee was being targeted. The base of the Congress in Kerala has been shaken. Even if the leadership is able to withdraw Sudheeran’s resignation, it will not be easy to rebuild the shaky base. “It will be ‘waste’ that will erode the foundation itself,” said Jayarajan.

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Sudhakaran, however, said that he had asked VM Sudheeran for his views but he did not take any of those opportunities. Not all issues need to be discussed in the Political Affairs Committee. If the KPCC makes a mistake, the AICC will correct it. Sudhakaran said that everything is done with the permission of the AICC. Sudhakaran said that he is ready to correct any mistake.

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