India'Did not cooperate with us; The Taliban has revealed the motive...

‘Did not cooperate with us; The Taliban has revealed the motive behind the killing of Danish Siddiqui


  • The Taliban blamed Siddiqui
  • Not informed before coming
  • The allegation was denied

Doha: The Taliban has revealed the motive behind the killing of Reuters photojournalist Danish Siddiqui in Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman Mohammad Sohail Shaheen said Danish Siddiqui was killed because he did not cooperate with them.

The first reports were that Danish had been shot during a clash between Afghan troops and the Taliban. But Afghan military officials later revealed that the Taliban had killed Danish Siddiqui after checking his ID card. This was followed by a response from a Taliban spokesman. A spokesman for the Taliban’s office in Qatar told the NDTV news channel.

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“You can not say that he was killed by our fighters. Tell me why he did not cooperate with us. The Taliban said. A spokesman said Danish Siddiqui had been with Afghan soldiers and had been killed during the clashes. Sohail said he did not know whose shot he was killed.

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Meanwhile, the American magazine Washington Examiner reported that the Taliban had hunted down and killed Danish Siddiqui. Siddiqui was alive when he was captured by the Taliban and was shot dead after verifying his ID card, an Afghan army officer who survived the attack said. He added that the Taliban had mutilated the body of Danish Siddiqui. But the Taliban denies the allegations.

He said India’s allegation that the Taliban was supporting Pakistan was based on hostility to Pakistan. A Taliban spokesman said 90 percent of Afghanistan’s territory was under Taliban control.

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