Dharmendra had bought the first car for 18 thousand during the struggle,...

Dharmendra had bought the first car for 18 thousand during the struggle, said – it is close to the heart

Be it a common man or a star, everyone remembers the first car. An emotion gets attached to it. People do not forget that moment for the whole life. Recently, Bollywood superstar actor Dharmendra refreshed his memories by sharing a video. In this video he told about his first car, which he bought for 18 thousand rupees. His video is going viral on social media. Social media users are looking very happy. Many comments are also coming on this video.

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It is seen in the video that Dharmendra is seen in a macho look as usual. A video has been shared on his official Twitter account. Through this video, he is expressing his feelings. Dharmendra has also written a caption while sharing the video. In the caption he wrote – Friends, Fiat Two hearts my first car my beloved baby ….Very close to my heart. His great blessings in the life of a struggler Folded hands. (Friends, this is my car, like my child. Very close to my heart. This car has supported me a lot during the struggle. In the video, Dharmendra is telling his fans- Friends, this is my first car, I have bought it. Bought it for Rs 18 thousand. At that time there was a price of Rs 18 thousand. This car is very close to my heart.

This video has been viewed more than 12 thousand times. Thousands of people have liked this video, while hundreds of people have also commented on this video. One user has written while commenting – Man remembers every first page of his life. Because he comes to know his importance that how much hard work and effort has to be done to get it. Dharmendra has also given the answer to this.

At the same time, another user has written – Your story is the story of a common man. This story is the story of every Indian.


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