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Determine the cause of the shock that caused the Brazil – Argentina match to be postponed

Currently, Brazilian authorities require people visiting, or living in the UK, to quarantine for 14 days upon entry. 4 Argentine players Martinez, Buendia, Romero and Lo Celso are playing in the Premier League, so they are in quarantine.

Four Argentine players entered Brazil on September 3, but are said to have made false statements about medical information.

Two hours before the match, the Brazilian Health Administration (ANVISA) ordered the expulsion of the four players mentioned above. However, Argentina’s main team was suddenly named Martinez, Romero and Lo Celso.

The Argentine players did not understand what happened, leading to a clash with the group of people. Within minutes, the three Argentine players involved were brought into the tunnel. Captain Lionel Messi also asked his teammates to leave the field temporarily.

The Brazil – Argentina match was interrupted for 1 hour, then the decision was postponed and the rematch time has not been determined.


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