Despite being admitted to the hospital, this child won everyone's heart by...

Despite being admitted to the hospital, this child won everyone’s heart by dancing

Children are the true children of the heart. They are always cool. Videos of children keep going viral on social media, which are very cute. As always, a video has gone viral even today. People are becoming very happy after watching this video. This video is of a cute baby, who is in the hospital (Baby Dancing in Hospital). He has got his treatment done. During the treatment, he is also dancing fiercely, the video is becoming very viral on social media. People watching this video are getting mesmerized.

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Even in difficult times in the hospital, little boy sings & dances!

(Brazil) Miguel was hospitalized with gastroenteritis last week but that didn’t keep him from singing & dancing when favorite song came on the TV. Now back at home doing great

In the viral video, you can see how a child is winning the hearts of people through dance. Children are often depressed in the hospital. They start crying in the name of medicines, but the dance of this child has won the hearts of people. Comments of people are coming on this video going viral.

This video has been shared by GoodNewsCorrespondent. Till the time of writing this news, this video has been viewed more than 18 thousand times. At the same time, comments of many people are also being seen on this video.


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