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Deployment of the Wagner group in Mali: Algeria denies its involvement in the project

AA / Algiers / Aksil Ouali

Algeria denies its involvement in the financing of the mercenaries deployment project of the Russian group Wagner in Mali. Reacting to information evoking, in recent days, the country’s commitment to finance part of this project, by starting negotiations with the Malian authorities, a spokesperson for the Algerian foreign ministry accused “a neighboring country” of be at the origin of this “rumor”.

“Algeria formally denies these rumors. It is the godfathers of a neighboring country who are at the origin of this malicious manipulation,” said the official, whose name was not mentioned, in a statement to two bodies of press, Tout sur l’Algerie (TSA) and El Khabar.

According to him, Algeria “has always maintained that the solution in Mali was not military, but rather passes through the application of the Algiers agreements, and the reunification of the country”.

In his last statement, during a meeting on Sunday October 11 with journalists, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune also spoke on the Malian issue.

“For Algeria, the solution in Mali involves the reunification of the north with the south,” he declared. The Algerian head of state also affirms that the Algerian army “will never get bogged down in quagmires”. “In Mali, it’s a matter of poverty and development,” he said.

As a reminder, the affair of the deployment of the Wagner group in Mali has caused much ink to flow, and aroused the indignation of several countries, in particular France. The Malian authorities have, however, still not officially recognized the existence of negotiations with the Russian group.

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