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Demonstration by Yemeni women for the Houthis to lift the siege in Abdiye district

In the protest held, the female demonstrators, carrying banners criticizing the living conditions due to the siege, condemned the siege of 35 thousand people in the district.

In a written statement, the women activists later said, “The district of Abdiye is under a suffocating siege as the Houthi militias prevent the entry of medicine, food and drinking water. Women, children and the elderly in the district must be rescued with an emergency response.” used the phrase.

Women demonstrators called on the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia to urgently provide medicine and food aid with an air bridge to be established in the region.

Yesterday, the Yemeni government called for urgent intervention from the United Nations to lift the siege imposed on thousands of civilians in the Abdiye district.

Abdiye district of Marib province has been under siege by Houthi militias for about 3 weeks with all its entrances and exits.

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