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Demonstration against occupation and settlements in Sheikh Jarrah District of occupied East Jerusalem

Palestinians, including deputies from the Israeli Parliament, gathered in Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood.

The demonstrators, who unfurled Palestinian flags, carried banners reading “No to the invasion” and “We are here as long as olives and olive oil exist”.

Israeli forces seized flags from Palestinians, who were chanting slogans against the forced removal of Palestinians from their homes. There was a clash between some Palestinians who did not want to give their flags and Israeli forces.

Israeli forces have been preventing demonstrations of support for residents of the neighborhood, who are in danger of being evicted from their homes, for about 3 months.

Israeli courts dismiss Palestinian families’ appeals

The fears and concerns of 27 Palestinian families, who have been in danger of being displaced for years in the Sheikh Jarrah District, gained a new dimension with the pressures of the Israeli authorities.

The Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court had ruled that 12 Palestinian families living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in 2019, at the request of the Jewish settlers, should vacate their homes in favor of the settlers. According to the decision, 4 of these families were supposed to vacate their homes in January 2021.

Upon the appeal of the families, it was decided to appeal the decision and start the court process again, but the Israel Central Court rejected the appeal of these 4 families in mid-February.

At the beginning of this year, the Israeli Central Court had ordered 7 families to evacuate their homes to leave their homes to Jewish settlers.

Lastly, on March 4, the court rejected the objections of Palestinian families living in Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood against the decision. On May 2, the Supreme Court gave the 4 families in Sheikh Jarrah until 6 May to “get along” with the Jewish settlers.

A final decision was not reached at the hearing held on 9 May at the Israeli Supreme Court.

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