IndiaDemand, Board to expand cannabis sales; New York with new appointments

Demand, Board to expand cannabis sales; New York with new appointments


  • Two appointments to the board
  • The city is expecting revenue of crores
  • New York with an extensive plan

New York: Four months after the legalization of cannabis, New York City has completed the commission’s appointments to coordinate cannabis sales. U.S. media reports say Tremine Wright has been appointed chair of the newly formed Cannabis Control Board and Christopher Alexander has been appointed executive director. The appointments were made by the New York Senate.

Wright, a Democratic leader, has previously served as an assembly member. Meanwhile, Christopher Alexander was the policy manager for Will, a cannabis company in Canada. Meanwhile, the remaining four appointments to the board are yet to be completed. The main function of the institute is to issue licenses to cannabis outlets in the state. Officials said officials with a great deal of understanding of the region have been selected to head the board. She added that she hopes the new appointments will help bring about major changes in the cannabis industry in the state.

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In the budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year, the State of New York decided to legalize the sale of cannabis and take the necessary steps to do so. The government expects the state to generate $ 350 million a year in revenue, the New York Post reported.

At the same time, importing cannabis from outside the state is an offense under U.S. federal law. In this situation, the government is planning to cultivate cannabis in the state itself. According to the Democrat Ant Chronicle, 2022 will end when cannabis becomes available.

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The new law opens up possibilities for therapeutic cannabis, adult recreational cannabis, and authorized products containing cannabis. Along with this, special bars for cannabis use will be opened and special substances produced from cannabis will be added to liquor and distributed in liquor stores. All these matters will be under the control of the Board.

The new law also proposes to ensure the representation of women entrepreneurs in cannabis sales. The number of licenses issued per year will also be limited if required. In addition, the board will prepare guidelines for approving applications.

At the same time, government sources say that towns that are not interested in allowing the sale of cannabis have the opportunity to do so. For this, the local councils have to pass a resolution every year.

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