IndiaDelhi's cyber thugs adopted a new method of sextortion, asking for money...

Delhi’s cyber thugs adopted a new method of sextortion, asking for money by putting photo of IPS


  • Thugs asking for money by putting a picture of a police officer
  • Cyber ​​thugs adopted method for sextortion
  • Collections are being done through various apps, complaints received
  • Brigadier cheated of five lakh rupees in South Delhi

New Delhi
Cyber ​​thugs have started using the name and photo of the police commissioner. An attempt is being made to do sextortion with people using this. Many such complaints are being received by the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell. Cyber ​​thugs are extorting using various apps. In the phone calls that people get, the picture of the police commissioner, crime branch or any other senior police officer is kept on the number of the caller.

Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell officials said that people are being cheated in the name of sextortion in the number of complaints they are getting. The police commissioner’s photo is also being used. Officials said that in the same way, five lakh rupees were cheated from a brigadier in South Delhi recently.

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What is the method of cheating?
Cyber ​​thugs use different types of apps in the voice of the girl to first trap people in their trap. After this, by making obscene videos from them, they are trying to do sextortion on social media or by threatening to make the video or photo viral in the family of the victim. People fall in their trap and give money many times.

Many times thugs are fooling people by pretending to be the manager of YouTube or any other social media. They scare by asking to upload the video on YouTube and ask for money to delete it.

Apart from this, efforts are being made to dupe people in the name of updating KYC before the new year. The thugs show people the fear of closing the phone, bank account. Police say that in most cases of cyber fraud, thugs of Jamtara and Mewat are active.

Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell DCP K. PS Malhotra says that if you get such phone calls, in which someone tries to take money by talking in the photo or voice of police officers, then be careful. They will be cyber thugs. Help can be obtained by calling the police. Don’t fall into their trap.


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