WorldDefense and aerospace companies did not give a taste to their investors...

Defense and aerospace companies did not give a taste to their investors in the stock market

Leonardo, L3 Harris Technologies, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman, which are among the 10 leading defense and aerospace companies in the world, brought their investors, while BAE Systems, Raytheon Technologies, Thales, Boeing and Lockheed Martin lost.

The shares of Airbus, on the other hand, followed a horizontal course. Although the expansion of the companies’ fields of activity had a positive effect on their shares, the concerns that the rapid spread of the Delta variant in the Covid-19 epidemic would negatively affect the economies put pressure on the stock performance.

Analysts said that despite the general decline in defense and aerospace stocks last month, investors’ interest in companies in this sector continues in the stock markets.

In August, Italian Leonardo gained 3.9 percent, US-based companies L3 Harris Technologies 2.8 percent, General Dynamics 2.2 percent and Northrop Grumman 1.5 percent in stock markets.

In the said period, British BAE Systems lost 1.3 percent, US Raytheon Technologies 2.5 percent, French Thales 2.9 percent, other US companies Boeing 3.1 percent and Lockheed Martin 3.2 percent.

Leonardo and Northrop Grumman have signed a joint agreement to provide the US military with a “Joint Infrared Countermeasures Program”, while L3 Harris Technonogies is expanding its satellite manufacturing facility.

Northrop Grumman also displayed a successful stock performance, continuing to increase its earnings.

US aerospace company Boeing announced that the Starliner shuttle, which it designed to carry personnel to the International Space Station, would return to the factory to “detail its problems”. Such disruptions in the company’s operations also adversely affected its share performance.

Companies performed successfully compared to the end of the year

The world’s leading defense and aerospace companies recorded success in the stock markets compared to the end of 2020.

While the financial results announced by the companies for the first half and second quarter of the year were better than the expectations, the share performances were positive, while the ongoing global economic recovery and the support announced by the states against the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic helped the company shares rise.

Analysts stated that their balance sheets were better than expectations as companies continue with new projects, add new products to their production networks and increase their deliveries.

In this period, General Dynamics 35 percent, Airbus 28.9 percent, L3 Harris Technologies 23.3 percent, Northrop Grumman 21 percent, Raytheon Technologies 18.5 percent, Leonardo 16.8 percent, BAE Systems 16.3 percent, Thales 14 percent. 7.7, Boeing 2.5 percent and Lockheed Martin 1.4 percent.

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