IndiaDeep Sidhu Death News: Deep Sidhu was getting death threats, was there...

Deep Sidhu Death News: Deep Sidhu was getting death threats, was there a conspiracy behind the accident?

New Delhi: Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu, accused of the Red Fort violence during the farmers’ agitation, died in a road accident on Tuesday. According to the news, he was traveling in Scorpio, which collided with a container at Karnal toll. It is being said that he was also receiving death threats for a few days. For this reason, the police is also investigating from this angle whether there is any conspiracy behind this accident?

Big question- accident or conspiracy?

Deep Sidhu was also very active in the Punjab Assembly elections. He himself was not contesting the election, but was busy campaigning for a candidate. Voting is yet to take place in Punjab, meanwhile, fears are also being raised about his death in the accident. Keep in mind that a few days ago, in a Facebook Live, Sidhu had talked about revealing some secrets related to farmer leaders.

He had said during the live, ‘You have shamelessly accused me. People came with a resolution (for the tractor parade in Delhi) based on your decision. People listened to you. How can millions of people be under my control? If I can provoke lakhs, where do you stand?’

Who was Deep Sidhu, the main accused in the Red Fort violence case, who died in a road accident?
He further said, ‘You were saying that no one follows Deep Sidhu and he has no contribution; Then how do you claim that I instigated lakhs of people there. In this live, Sidhu claimed that he is still near Singhu border. This Facebook live was done at around 2 pm.

Deep Sidhu News: Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu dies in road accident, accident near Sonepat
In this live, he had said, ‘If the farmer leaders had taken a stand to persuade the people who reached Red Ford, they could have put more pressure on the government. We woke the government on November 26 when we broke the barricades, but you (farmer leaders) don’t understand. On the other hand, some leaders had called him an agent of RSS. After this live, he was getting death threats, so this raises the question whether there was a conspiracy to kill him for fear of opening some night?