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Decision to hold organizational elections; Can Mons be defended? The move was successful but the dissident faction under pressure

Kottayam: A new move to end the problems that arose in the Kerala Congress after the assembly elections. As the dispute between the Mons Joseph faction and the Francis George faction intensified, senior leaders PJ Joseph and PC Thomas came to the formula of organizational selection. The demand of the rebel leaders was approved by the High Power Committee which met on Saturday.

To party organizational elections

After the High Power Committee approved the demand of the rebel leaders led by Francis George, the Kerala Congress decided to hold elections. The demand for organizational elections from the grassroots was accepted. The election process will be completed in six months. Organizational elections are held every three years. It was decided in the Kerala Congress that these matters would be written in detail in the party constitution. At the same time, it was not decided at the meeting whether the party should hold an organizational election.

The last attempt was unsuccessful

The problem in the Kerala Congress was exacerbated when a section led by Francis George announced its opposition to the allocation of party posts. Attempts were made at various stages to resolve the issue but were unsuccessful. The problem was exacerbated when the opposition openly said that some people were dictators in managing party positions and making decisions. Joseph told the opposition that the party was on the verge of another split and that it would hold a general election. But the leadership was less interested in holding organizational elections. Attempts to resolve the issue without holding a last-minute organizational election were unsuccessful. With this, it was decided to hold an organizational election.

The position was also strengthened in the High Power Committee

PJ Joseph had informed the opposition that an organizational election could be held to resolve the issue. But they were adamant that elections should be held from the grassroots. The Kerala Congress leadership decided to hold the organizational elections from the grassroots level after the leaders took a similar stand in the High Power Committee. The Kerala Congress (M) is also under pressure from the Jose K. Mani faction.

Will the election backfire?

Despite the decision to hold organizational elections from the grassroots, the opposition is on the defensive. The number of supporters of Monsieur Joseph, including on the High Council, is high. Mons, who holds the crucial position of executive chairman of the party, has a strong influence on all committees of the party. Joseph’s support, both indirectly and indirectly. Joey Abraham and TU Kuruvilla are currently with Mons. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign. This is what puts the Francis George faction under pressure.

Mons and Francis George face to face?

The controversy in the party was caused by a dispute over the handling of crucial positions. Mons became the third person in the party after PJ Joseph and PC Thomas to take over the crucial position of executive chairman. There is no chance that the opposition will take a single step forward, overtaking Joey Abraham, who remains Secretary General. This led to the opposition of Francis George, Thomas Unniyadan and Johnny Nellore. They claim that Mons is making his own decisions in the party, surpassing even PJ Joseph. The rebel leaders had told Joseph directly that he would have to leave the party if he continued in this way, and that the party was now in the position of Joey Abraham. With this, Joseph decided to hold an organizational election.