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David de Gea for the penalty that keeps United at the top of the Premier

David de Gea celebrates his paradon at the London Stadium.IAN KINGTON / AFP

The author of the prodigy was not Cristiano, who made merits to be in all the frames of a strenuous match. A boiler-buster, soaked in humidity and chlorophyll from the English corral, as in the early days of rustic and alegal football. The man of the match was De Gea, who ended up roaring, bearded, disheveled, happy to find himself alone in a bind and to get away with it.

Many times throughout his career, David de Gea gave the impression of being bored with football. As if the routine of the competition didn’t excite him, there were times when he seemed sleepy, sad, or simply clueless. As if his thing was free rock climbing, his best moments coincided with the most extreme. Regardless of this peculiar goalkeeper, the maximum demand is the only thing that seems to really interest him in football. It is not a small thing, since his is a trade reserved for those who are made of a special psychological paste. He showed it by stopping the penalty that ensured the 1-2 in the 94th minute of Manchester United’s game against West Ham at London Stadium this Sunday.

“Come on!” He yelled at Maguire, as if Maguire were from Cuenca, after reaching to his left to slap the club that Mark Noble threw at him at mid-height, near the post. At 30, De Gea was elated. His companions too. They all ran to embrace him in the middle of the field, in front of the silenced stands. Even the coach, Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer, ran across the meadow to join the party. The victory ensured United second place in the standings equal to 13 points with Liverpool. After five games played, the position acquired a relief one day after City’s draw with Southampton (0-0) and only four days after the disappointing debut in the Champions League, with a defeat against Young Boys.

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