IndiaDaughter must be rescued before hanging; Ayesha's father joins IS in...

Daughter must be rescued before hanging; Ayesha’s father joins IS in Supreme Court


  • Ayesha is being held in an Afghan jail
  • Ayesha’s daughter is seven years old
  • Ayesha and her husband set out to join IS

New Delhi: A father has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking the return of his daughter Ayesha (Sonia) and granddaughter, who left the country to join Islamic State. Sebastian Xavier’s father has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking the return of Aisha, who was imprisoned in Afghanistan.

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As the U.S. military withdraws from Afghanistan, there will be a war between the Taliban and the Afghan military. In the petition, the father says that Ayesha, who is in jail, will be hanged for carrying out terrorist activities from abroad.

Ayesha’s daughter Sarah is now seven years old. Ayesha is the accused in the UAPA case registered by the National Investigation Agency. According to the petition, Ayesha should be extradited as there is an extradition treaty between Afghanistan and India.

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In 2016, Ayesha traveled to Afghanistan with her husband Abdul Rashid to join ISIS. His father PT Abdullah had lodged a complaint at the Kasargod Chandera police station on July 10 of the same year.


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