WorldDangerous terrorist neutralized in southeast Turkey

Dangerous terrorist neutralized in southeast Turkey

One of the two terrorists neutralized in irnak province in southeastern Turkey as part of the anti-terrorist operation Eren-13 turned out to be Firat Gizlench, listed in the “gray category” of the Turkish Interior Ministry’s list.

As reported by the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs, the militants were eliminated by special forces and the local command of the gendarmerie of the Sirnak province on October 14-15. During the operation, UAVs were involved, including attack ones, an Atak helicopter and Turkish aviation forces.

It is established that one of the neutralized terrorists was Firat Gislench, codenamed “Cedar Farkin Amed”. The militant was engaged in terrorist activities in the vicinity of Shirnak and was included in the “gray category” of wanted criminals. For the capture of the militant, a reward of 500 thousand Turkish liras was assigned.

The terrorist underwent special combat training, was engaged in the transfer of militants on the border with Turkey on the orders of Murat Karayilan, and was also responsible for many terrorist attacks that occurred in Shirnak, Siirt, Mardin, Batman and Diyarbakir.

In addition, the militant was engaged in training in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices and the conduct of terrorist attacks in the region.

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