Dangerous snake was sitting in the lap, but the person showed cleverness...

Dangerous snake was sitting in the lap, but the person showed cleverness and saved his life, watch video

New Delhi:

On hearing the name of the snake, the lives of many people get stuck in the light. If you are also one of those people, then surely the fear of snakes will definitely be there in your mind too. Now imagine that if a snake is sitting in someone’s lap, then what will happen to him. Obviously, his senses will be blown away. But the person with whom such an incident happened, he saved his life by showing understanding. Even after appearing angry, the snake did not attack the person in any way.

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In the video that has been posted on social media, it is clearly visible how the snake comes and sits on the person’s lap. Seeing the snake in his lap, the person does not move at all. But in the end he touches the snake with a wood, then the snake turns to one side. During this, the person immediately stands up and saves his life after getting the opportunity. After watching this video, you will also understand that a little carelessness could have cost a person’s life. But thankfully, he saved himself by showing understanding.

Watch the video here-

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As soon as this video was posted on social media, people started giving mixed reactions. After watching the video, a user wrote that this is a very scary video. At the same time, another person wrote that often you are not lucky enough to survive a snake attack. While some people said that it was thankful that the person seen in the video was not a victim of any accident. This video has been shared by @Jamie24272184 on social media.