Dangerous lions were being taken to some other place, there was panic...

Dangerous lions were being taken to some other place, there was panic due to the opening of the cage at the airport

Many people were surprised after hearing this news.

New Delhi:

On hearing the name of the lion, the pitti of good people gets lost. Now imagine what will happen if a lion really comes in front of someone. It is obvious that due to fear, human beings will be tied. Recently two lions reached the airport. Seeing this, there was panic among the people present there. People started running here and there. Of course, the lion is liked by everyone in the forest or zoo, because suddenly people’s condition worsens when they come in front of the lion.

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According to an information, this sight was seen on 12 December at Changi Airport Singapore. From where two lions were being transported elsewhere. But suddenly his cage opened. On opening the cage, the lions started roaming around the airport. Seeing both the lions roaming near the airport, people were horrified. However, the airport authority immediately took necessary steps to control the incident.

Singapore Airline immediately informed Mandai Wildlife Group about this. Who reached the airport and started a campaign to catch the lions. The team first gave the lions an injection of sedation (Lions Sedated at Airport), after which they could be controlled. After this, he was taken to the Quarantine Center of the group’s animals where he is being taken care of. Both the wildlife groups are leaving no stone unturned to take care of the lions.

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According to reports, there were a total of 7 lions in the shipment, out of which the cage of two suddenly opened and both came out. Later he was seen strolling close to the airport premises. Singapore Airlines said that the lion did not cause any harm to the people nor did they cause any other kind of problem. At present, it is being ascertained how the cage was opened.