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Tunisia: Al-Massar rejects any suspension of the Constitution (AA)
The Al-Massar party has said it rejects any suspension of the 2014 constitution, according to a statement released Thursday on its official Facebook page.
In this sense, he called on the democratic and social forces to accelerate the formation of a political and republican front which could oppose the autocracy.
This front should, according to the press release, promote participatory action to manage the coming period, protect state institutions against any drift and respond to the demands of the people.

United Nations calls on Tunisians to engage in inclusive dialogue to resolve outstanding issues (AA)
The United Nations on Thursday urged the Tunisian parties to engage in an inclusive dialogue “in line with democratic values” in order to resolve the outstanding issues in the country.
This is what emerges from a press conference held by Stéphane Dujarric, spokesperson for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, at the permanent headquarters of the United Nations in New York.
“We call on all parties concerned in Tunisia to resolve the outstanding issues through an inclusive dialogue in line with democratic values,” said Dujarric.

Tunisia: Foreign Minister meets his Swiss counterpart (AA)
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad, Othman Jerandi, met his Swiss counterpart, Ignazio Cassis, on Thursday.
This is what emerges from a statement made public on the official Facebook page of the Tunisian diplomacy and consulted by the Anadolu Agency.
During this meeting, the two officials discussed the distinguished relations of friendship and cooperation between Tunisia and Switzerland as well as the means to strengthen them, in particular by scheduling a number of bilateral meetings and visits.

The United States will continue to support Tunisia at all levels (AA)
The Ambassador of the United States in Tunis, Donald Blome, expressed, Thursday, the will of his country to continue to support Tunisia at all levels in order to help it anchor its democratic process and succeed in its economic transition.

Blome made these remarks after a meeting with the manager of the Tunisian Ministry of Economy, Finance and Investment Support, Sihem Boughdiri Nemsia.
The American diplomat reiterated his country’s commitment to continue the work and consultations on the main bilateral financial and technical cooperation programs, and to support international and regional donor financial institutions to help Tunisia overcome the difficulties and challenges. , according to a statement made public by the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Investment Support.

Ennahdha movement: “Saïed’s decision to assume executive power is a drift towards authoritarianism” (AA)
The Tunisian movement Ennahdha qualified, Thursday, the decision of President Kaïs Saïed to arrogate to itself the executive power, “of drift towards authoritarianism”.
The Tunisian President had decided on Wednesday evening to abolish the provisional body for the control of the constitutionality of bills, to legislate by presidential decrees and to exercise executive power with the help of a government, according to a press release from the Presidency of the Republic and the presidential decree n ° 2021-117 of September 22, 2021 published in the Official Journal of the Republic of Tunisia (JORT).
With these new measures, Kaïs Saïed thus reinforces his prerogatives to the detriment of Parliament and the government.

Tunisia needs $ 19.3 billion to implement its climate commitments (AA)
Tunisia needs financial credits worth 19.3 billion dollars until 2030, to implement its commitments in favor of climate protection.
This is what emerges from the statement of Mohamed Zmerli, national focal point of the United Nations framework convention on climate change, attached to the Ministry of the Environment and Local Affairs, to the private radio “Mosaïque FM”, on the sidelines of a press conference on Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Climate Agreement.

The conference was organized by the Tunisian Ministry of Environment and Local Affairs in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program.
Zmerli said his country’s commitments call for a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, instead of the 41% previously specified.

Evacuation of 153 migrants of different nationalities off Kerkennah (TAP)
Sea Force units deployed on the southern sides evacuated 153 irregular migrants of different nationalities between the ages of 15 and 40 on Wednesday.
They reached the “Ashtart” oil platform after the drowning of their boat which was carrying them off the site, 80 kilometers south-east of El Attaya, island of Kerkennah.

The Current Democrat, Afek Tounes, Republican and Ettakatol parties believe that Presidential Decree-Law No. 117 is in breach of legality (TAP)
The Current Democrat (Attayar) Afek Tounes, Republican and Ettakatol parties have estimated that Presidential Decree No. 2021-117 breaks with legality, represents a coup against the Constitution and leads the country into the unknown.

In a joint statement released Thursday, the four parties consider that the President of the Republic “no longer has legitimacy as long as he is in breach of the Constitution”, believing that he assumes full responsibility for the consequences that may arise. of such a dangerous step “.

The Workers’ Party says it is opposed to the provisional organization of powers decided by President Saied (TAP)
The Workers’ Party has expressed its total rejection of Presidential Decree No. 2021-117, which it describes as “a provisional organization of public powers” establishing an “autocracy hostile to the aspirations of the Tunisian people”.

In a statement released Thursday, the party observed that “this decree is the continuation of the putsch started on July 25, 2021, by an abusive interpretation of article 80 of the Constitution”.

The party announced its intention to get involved in the fight against this process and its attachment to the slogans of the Revolution as well as its commitment to achieve its objectives through an alternative project of a political, economic, social and popular nature.

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