WorldCzech President was hospitalized

Czech President was hospitalized

Czech President Milos Zeman was taken to the Central Military Hospital in Prague. The head of state was brought there in an ambulance designed for patients in need of intensive care, TASS reports.

Zeman went to the Prague hospital from his country residence in the town of Lany after a meeting with Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis, at which they discussed the results of the parliamentary elections held in the republic on Saturday and Sunday.

President’s press secretary, Jiri Ovchaczek, confirmed Zeman’s hospitalization on Twitter. “The President of the Republic, on the recommendation of his attending physician, Professor Miroslav Zaborala, agreed to hospitalization in the Central Military Hospital in Prague,” he said.

77-year-old Zeman underwent a planned hospitalization in September at the Central Military Hospital. The head of state suffers from neuropathy in the legs. Due to this illness, he recently moved to a wheelchair. The President complains of hearing impairment and low blood pressure. At the same time, he was previously observed by doctors for diabetes.

The Anadolu Agency’s website publishes in a shortened form . .(HAS).

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