WorldCycling should be widespread in order to reduce carbon emissions in cities

Cycling should be widespread in order to reduce carbon emissions in cities

Murat Suyabatmaz, President of the Cyclists Association, In his evaluation to the AA correspondent, he said that widespread use of bicycles is the main factor for green and low-carbon cities, whose importance is understood more with the global climate problem and epidemic.

Reminding that bicycle lanes integrated into public transportation and social facilities are a legal obligation, Suyabatmaz said, “First, in pilot areas such as mass housing areas and in short distances within the city, which constitutes 50 percent of the population, transportation can be made by bicycle. If bicycle paths are built to meet routine needs such as going to mosques and markets, there will be much greater returns.” made his comment.

Emphasizing that the bicycle is the basic necessity of modern cities, Suyabatmaz said, “Oil consumption will decrease, healthy life will increase, carbon emissions will decrease and air quality will increase. Bicycle is an element that will increase the quality of life in the city. Only in this way can carbon emissions in cities be prevented. Steps should be taken, such as going out into nature and being able to use it between cities. The primary need is for the society to digest and live the cycling life and be healthy.” he said.

“The proliferation of bicycles in Istanbul is not as difficult as it seems”

Murat Suyabatmaz stated that it is not difficult to popularize bicycles in Istanbul and said:

“If it is set up correctly, side streets, inner neighborhoods or rough places will not be a problem. For example, if Ataköy area is declared a pilot area and IDO, metrobus, metro and tram are reached by bicycle, students at the schools there can travel by bicycle. Many students use shuttles. O There are those who live in the region and somehow provide transportation to Bakırköy or the surrounding area. If we build a safe and correct infrastructure that will encourage cycling, there is a capacity that 10 thousand people can ride a bike a day. Likewise, we can get fast results in a short time like the mass housing areas in Beylikdüzü or Kurtköy. There are many places. If we try them and measure their achievements through universities, we can see how much air pollution has decreased, mobility has increased, and savings have been achieved. 30 years ago, when the city was planned in Beylikdüzü, a bicycle path was built, Ataköy, for example, but it does not exist today. It can be done in Florya. The formula is simple, the laws are also available.”

Referring to the importance of incentives in the spread of bicycles, Suyabatmaz said, “There are countries in Europe that provide incentives for cyclists such as 25 cents per kilometer for commuting. The government says that as long as you ride a bicycle, it will reduce carbon emissions. Bicycles are encouraged in urban transportation to reduce diseases caused by physical inactivity. “Our cities will gain a lot from this. If only 10 thousand people save 100 liras from fuel per month, 1 million liras will be reflected on the domestic economy, not on oil.” used his statements.

“Companies can direct their employees to bicycles with the training they will provide”

Referring to the methods of going to work by bicycle, Suyabatmaz said, “Many people who decide to return to the office can now go to work by bicycle. First, if you have integration with public transportation, for example, reach the metro station with a simple bicycle, lock it and continue. You can buy a second alternative folding bike, you can go to the metro, the metrobus, and take the metrobus every hour You can go with your third alternative vehicle, put the bike in your trunk, get off at the appropriate place, and continue, especially for those who go by service from the main artery.” said.

Mentioning that companies and institutions can organize bicycle trainings for their employees, Suyabatmaz said, “Safe and advanced driving techniques trainings form the basis for safer transportation. The right helmet, risks in traffic, a door that will open suddenly, or the battlements where the wheel can jam, the use of bicycle lights even during the daytime, the necessity of wearing a yellow vest “We want to use bicycles to commute to work by providing training on topics such as education. he said.

“Bicycles produced in Turkey are sold from Europe to New Zealand”

Bicyclists Association President Suyabatmaz stated that the companies producing bicycles in Turkey have increased their exports and said, “Bicycles produced in Turkey from Europe to New Zealand are sold. During the epidemic, there was a shortage of bicycles in the world because there was a serious increase in demand. In this case, there was no shortage of bicycles from Turkey. Even the countries that did not buy goods bought bicycles from us. On the other hand, there was a decrease in the domestic market.” used his statements.

Suyabatmaz said that the big manufacturers in Europe saw the demand at the beginning of 2020 and made purchases in advance, “This caused difficulties in finding parts especially in Turkey. There is a problem in the production of new bicycles in the domestic market. There is a problem in finding tires at the moment. Those with old bicycles also have spare parts. There are very few types of bicycles in the stores at the moment, the incoming bicycle is sold quickly. There are 3 or 5 bicycles in each of the shops.” said.

Emphasizing that institutions create both savings and sympathy with bicycles, Suyabatmaz said, “As an association, we went and requested, bicycle police officers were made as a new practice. It created serious sympathy in pedestrianized areas and created an annual saving of 1.5 million liras to the institution’s budget.” made its assessment.

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