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Cuban “Babalawos” Predict Respiratory Diseases and Call for Prudence

This content was published on 02 January 2022 – 19:42

Havana, Jan 2 (EFE) .- This will be a year of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and nervous system disorders, predicted this Sunday the priests of the Cuban Santeria or “babalawos”, who also asked for humility and hygiene for 2022.

The prediction is based on the so-called “Letter of the Year” presented this Sunday to the press at the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba and which is the result of the traditional meeting between New Year’s Eve and the first day of the year of a group of Ifá priests from all over the world. the Santeria families of the island.

The “babalawos” also warned that 2022 will be ruled by Obbatalá, the greatest orisha of the Yoruba religion, the creator of the earth.

The warnings of those consecrated to the cult of Ifá come in an especially significant context for the island, due to the serious economic crisis and the rebound in cases with covid-19, after achieving control over the pandemic in the last months of the year last.


Syncretic cults in Cuba are part of the cultural heritage left by African slaves in colonial times and have been transmitted for generations through prayers, rituals, dances and even in food.

In the Caribbean country it has won faithful and most of the people accept it, practice it or go to “consult” to receive the assistance of the Santeria priests also known as “godfathers.”

Santeria has one of its main practices in divination and among its own elements are the snails, intended for the act of consultation, and the use of the so-called “foundation necklaces”, made with beads of the colors that characterize each deity.


The oracle of the Afro-Cuban religions contained in the “Letter” recommends “avoiding arrogance and bad manners”, ensuring hygiene and paying more attention to the education of children and young people.

Respect for marriage, having more prudence to avoid catastrophes, humility, patience and union are part of the prediction of the “babalawos” for the year that has just begun.

The indications resonate after a year marked by the pandemic and the closure of schools due to the coronavirus, but also by social protests and political polarization.

The priests also ask “to establish favorable agreements on immigration policies to avoid loss of human life,” especially at a time when the illegal exits of Cubans who tried to reach the United States through the Straits of Florida soared.


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