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Crushing Afghanistan, will India reach the semis again? The possibilities are like this !!

After a miserable defeat in the first two matches of the World Cup, India have officially defeated Afghanistan. Reaching the semis from Group Two is still not easy for India. Pakistan have reached the semi-finals after winning four matches. Only one more team can reach the semis. The match is between India, New Zealand and Afghanistan.

Better successes are inevitable

India have only two matches left in Group Two. Weak Namibia and Scotland are rivals. India must win well against both the teams. If Afghanistan beat New Zealand, the run-rate will determine the runners-up. India can reach the semi-finals if they beat New Zealand and Afghanistan in the run rate.

(REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed)

Afghanistan – Kiwis match decisive

The decisive match in Group Two will now be between Afghanistan and New Zealand. If New Zealand wins the match then no other team has a chance. But if the Afghans win, the numbers will decide the runners-up. That is where India’s potential lies.

(REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed)

Condition in group two

Pakistan have reached the semi – finals after winning all four of their matches. Afghanistan has the second highest run rate. Third-placed New Zealand also have four points. India are fourth with 2 points after winning just one match. Scotland are in last place with no wins while Namibia have a win.

(REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed)