WorldCroatian travels the world in a wheelchair

Croatian travels the world in a wheelchair

A resident of Croatia, 35-year-old Slaven Skrobot, despite his disabilities, travels the world in a wheelchair.

Skrobot won the Traveler of the Year award at the 2020 Travelers Festival in Sibenik, Croatia.

In an interview with the Anadolu agency, Skrobot told about his travels around the world – from Australia to Tanzania, from Jordan to Sri Lanka.

The scrobot was confined to a wheelchair after an accident 12 years ago.

The first trip after the accident Skrobot made to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo, after which he went to Madrid and other European cities.

“I became the first disabled person to visit the Pidurangala Temple in Sri Lanka. Then I visited Egypt, Morocco and Russia, ”he said.

According to the traveler, on trips he is usually accompanied by an ex-girlfriend, sister or girlfriend, and sometimes by people with whom he met through social networks.

“I often get injured while traveling, but that does not prevent me from traveling,” added an AA source.

Scrobot noted that he liked Jordan and Egypt the most, but getting around in a wheelchair in the sandy desert was very difficult.

Scrobot’s Australian trip was more difficult than he expected.

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“Australia is known as one of the countries that provide facilities for people with disabilities. It is even called a “paradise for the disabled,” but I didn’t think so. In this country, a working person is prohibited from lifting more than 20 kilograms. Therefore, no one helped me when I tried to get on the bus, ”said the traveler.

The enthusiast intends to write a book about his travels and go on a long journey.

“I want to go to the southeast of Asia. I love nature, people, I love cities in the East. In general, I feel free when I leave for a new country and forget that I am in a wheelchair, ”said Skrobot.

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