WorldCriticism of the Belgian star goalkeeper Courtois to UEFA and FIFA

Criticism of the Belgian star goalkeeper Courtois to UEFA and FIFA

Real Madrid star goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois said in a statement to the press after Italy beat Belgium 2-1 in the UEFA Nations League third place match in Milan, Italy, “UEFA Nations League matches are all about money. We have to be honest. We play because it means extra money for UEFA.” said.

Courtois said, “There are a lot of substitutions in teams. We play a lot of matches. There is the Nations League again in June. Why? There is the World Cup in November next year. We will have an injury. Nobody cares about the players anymore. We only have 2 weeks off. This is 12 months. “It’s not enough to play at the top level throughout. If we don’t say anything, it will stay the same.” he said.

Referring to the attempt of 12 clubs in Europe to establish the European Super League and the newly organized UEFA Conference League, the Belgian net keeper said, “They oppose the Super League. The Conference League is out. They are thinking about the money that will go into their pockets, not the players. It would be wrong for the players to remain silent. ” used his statements.

Continuing his criticism, Courtois said, “Now they want to organize the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship one year apart. When will we rest. Never. Top players will suffer permanent injuries. We are not robots. More matches means less rest. No one. He’s not thinking of us.” made its assessment.

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