SportsCristiano's goal is multiplied at the end

Cristiano’s goal is multiplied at the end

Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal with his head in the 2022 World Cup qualifier against IrelandANTONIO COTRIM / EFE

Port. Dragao Stadium. June 12, 2004. Opening match of the Eurocup. Portugal-Greece. The host against the team that would later be proclaimed surprising champion after defeating the locals in the final in Lisbon (0-1). Cristiano Ronaldo saved the national honor that opening night with a header from Figo in the 93rd minute (1-2). Despite the defeat, it meant his first filmmaker with the national team, with which he made his debut at 18 years, six months and 15 days, on August 20, 2003 in a friendly against Kazakhstan. His first scoring mark coincided with his seventh appointment with the absolute.

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Faro-Loulé. Algarve Stadium. September 1, 2021. Portugal-Republic of Ireland. Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 110 and 111 goals in 180 games (0.61 on average) —the same games as Sergio Ramos— and this past Wednesday he became the footballer in history who has scored the most goals with his team, beating the Iranian Ali Daei (109 in 149 games, 0.73 on average). He also scored head first, and at the last minute, minute 96. Between his first notch and the last 17 years have passed and in all, at least, he has scored a goal, with 14 in 2019 as the best mark.

Goal by goal, game by game, Cristiano appropriates 111 of the 362 goals scored by his team while he was on the field (30.6%). He has scored a goal in 73 of the 180 wound with a balance of 60 victories, six draws and seven defeats in those appointments. Add two shots of four goals, against Andorra in 2016 (6-0) and against Lithuania in 2019 (5-1); nine out of three; 18 doubles and 47 appointments with a lone goal. In addition, he counted 41 goal passes and his best assistants have been Moutinho and Quaresma, with eight assignments each.

CR has beaten 45 different teams and another 23 came out unscathed. Sweden and Lithuania, with seven goals in four games against each other, have been their favorite victims. Spain has been punished with three daggers, all three in the same game, in the tie (3-3) of the 2018 World Cup.

The Portuguese has scored more with his head than with his left leg

Of those 111 accurate shots, the right foot is his most lethal weapon (58 goals) and, curiously, he has scored more with his head (28) than with his left leg (25). Of these, 87 were in play, 14 from penalties and 10 from direct free kicks; 91 from inside the box and 20 from outside. The field factor does not particularly condition your aim. At home, counting his first two goals from Euro 2004, he has scored 33; by 57 away in the qualifying phase matches for Eurocups, World Cups and friendlies, and 21 in the final phases of these competitions on neutral territory. His brand is now officially a Guinness record.

His last two hits on Wednesday against the Republic of Ireland, scoring in the 89th and 96th minutes, serve to reaffirm a statistic with a point of logic. He sees more door in the aftermath of the games, when the opponents are more tired, than in the opening minutes. Despite his enormous ambition, at 36 he knows how to wait for his moment. He adds a total of 33 goals between the 76th minute and the end of the matches and in the previous fair, between the 61st and 75th minute, he has 22. In the first half he accumulates 44 goals by 67 in the seconds, 55 in the half hour final.

Of his 111 international targets, 91 have been within the area

Although nobody reaches his total figures, the average of goals per game does contemplate better records. For example, Gerd Müller scored 71 goals in his 62 appointments with the German national team (1.10); the Hungarian Puskas, 84 in 89 (0.94); and Pelé, 77 in 92 with Brazil (0.84). However, Messi, 76 in 151 in Argentina (0.51); the Polish Lewandowski, 71 in 123 (0.57); and Neymar, 69 in 114 with Brazil (0.6) have a worse average.

Sanctioned with one match when he was cautioned against the Republic of Ireland for removing his shirt on his last goal, Cristiano will not play for Portugal in the next qualifying match against Azerbaijan, nor the previous friendly against Qatar. Two good opportunities to have increased your realizing account.

Yesterday, the footballer left the concentration of the selection to begin preparing his presentation with Manchester United, once he complies with the mandatory quarantine that marks the United Kingdom and where a very special follower has emerged, Queen Elizabeth II, who According to some information not officially denied, he would have requested a Manchester United shirt signed by the player and an additional total of 80 more to give to his closest employees.

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