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Cristiano Ronaldo will not receive the number seven jersey at United; Get down to this number instead !!

Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United after a long absence. The player was part of United for 6 years during his two-decade-long career. Ronaldo’s focus on international football began with his performances in the Premier League. He later moved to Real Madrid, where he then moved to Italian club Juventus. Now he is back in United.

What is the jersey number?

It is reported that Ronaldo will go down to number 28 if he does not get number seven. Ronaldo wore this jersey when he played for Sporting Lisbon. Lionel Messi, who switched from Barcelona to PSG, did not receive the number 10 for similar reasons. Anyway you can see Messi and Ronaldo in new jerseys at new clubs in the new season.

(AP Photo / Sergey Ponomarev, File)

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The number seven jersey will not be available

There is something unhappy about Cristiano at United. The star may not get the favorite number 7 jersey. CR7 is Cristiano’s trademark. Edinson Cavani is currently playing for the club in the number seven jersey. Under Premier League rules, jerseys cannot be changed later in the season. So Cavani himself is likely to remain at No. 7 this season.

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He’s coming back

United cut City

Ronaldo was first introduced to Premier League champions Manchester City. But in a last-minute twist, Cristiano decided to return to his old club. Juventus have agreed to pay 25 25 million. Fans are excited about the return of the star.

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