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Crescent-Star Nationals drew 2-2 with Karadağ on the way to the World Cup

A National Football Team, 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualificationin Group Gin his fourth match in Montenegro tied with 2-2.

The national team took the lead in the 9th minute. Cengiz, who met the ball on the right wing with Kenan’s pass, advanced towards the Karadağ penalty area. Cengiz corrected his angle in front of the penalty arc and took his shot. The leather round, which also hit the defense, gained height and met with the nets: 1-0

In the 16th minute, the crescent-star team approached their second goal. In the free kick used by Hakan Çalhanoğlu, the ball, which the defense could not clear, remained in front of Kaan Ayhan in the penalty area. In Kaan’s shot from the left diagonal, he hit the round leather side pole and went to the side.

In the 26th minute, in the right-wing attack of the nationals, Cengiz Ünder sent a pass to Burak Yılmaz on the altipas. Burak’s arrival in a suitable position, the leather round top came out auta.

In the 30th minute, the national team increased the difference to 2. Kenan Karaman threw his pass to Zeki, who was moving into the penalty area, and Zeki left his pass to Cengiz, who was moving to the bottom line without waiting. Yusuf put his foot on the ball, which Cengiz turned in front of the sixpas, and went to the round leather nets: 2-0

In the 40th minute, Montenegro reduced the lead to 1. Moved by Kosovic’s pass to the back of the defense, Marusic sent the ball into the net with a kick as soon as he controlled the ball in the penalty area: 2-1

The first half of the competition ended with the 2-1 advantage of the crescent-star team.

Second half

In the 77th minute, the national team won a free kick from the point that saw the Montenegrin castle from the front. The ball, which Burak Yılmaz sent directly to the goal, remained in the lap of the goalkeeper Mijatovic.

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90+3. Kerem Aktürkoğlu met with the ball on the left wing in the national team’s fast-developing attack at the minute, and threw the pass to Burak Yılmaz in front of the penalty spot. In Burak’s shot, the round leather went aude from the side.

90+7. Montenegro caught the draw in minutes. Radunovic, who took the free kick that Karadağ won right in front of the penalty area, sent the ball into the net: 2-2

The fight ended 2-2.


After getting their second draw after four matches, the crescent-star team increased its score to 8 and continued its leadership. In the other match of the group, Norway and the Netherlands drew 1-1. In the group, Montenegro, Norway and the Netherlands each have 7 points.

The goals of the national team came from Cengiz Ünder and Yusuf Yazıcı in the first half. A shot of the crescent-star team returned with Kaan Ayhan in the first half.

Turkey will play its fifth match in the group against Gibraltar away on September 4th.

Cengiz Ünder scored his 10th goal

Cengiz Ünder, one of the national football players, scored his 10th goal with the crescent-star jersey.

Cengiz, who played in the 33rd match of the National Team, experienced the joy of scoring for the 10th time.

Yusuf Yazıcı, who scored Turkey’s second goal, also managed to score his second goal in the A National Team.

Reaction to Şenol Güneş

Montenegro’s 90+7. After the draw goal in the minute, some fans in the stands reacted to Şenol Güneş, the coach of the National Team.

The fans chanted “Senol Güneş resigns”.

Winning longing increased to 4 games

With the draw of the National Team against Montenegro, the longing for victory increased to 4 matches.

Having lost to Italy, Wales and Switzerland in the group matches of the 2020 European Championship (EURO 2020), Turkey could not reach the victory against Montenegro either.

The national team won its last victory in the friendly match against Moldova in Germany on June 3, with a 2-0 result.

“It was a game that needed to be won with the game we played, so we are sorry”

A National Football Team’s coach, Şenol Güneş, said they were sorry for the 2-2 draw with Karadağ in the fourth match of Group G of the 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifications.

Speaking at the press conference held after the match, Güneş said, “We went out to win the match. We also know that the match must be won. The opponent pressed ahead in the first 5 minutes, then we took the game completely. As a team that knew what they were doing, we could have scored more goals. The opponent was trying to escape behind the defense “We couldn’t control both the shooter and the one who missed. The goal we conceded affected our pace of play. After 60, we started to drop slowly. We weren’t effective in offense, but the opponent had no effect either. We had to make some changes due to the injury of Kenan and Okay. Our opponent’s set pieces were effective.” We made changes in this sense. The game was going normally, we found effective positions when we came out. The foul we made on the ball thrown from behind and the goal we conceded gave the opponent 1 point at the last second and made us lose 2 points. It was a match that had to be won with the game we played, so we are sorry. The 3 points we would get from this match would have provided a great advantage with the draw of our opponents. We’re upset.” used his statements.

Güneş, when asked about the inability to maintain the superiority despite two different advances against both Latvia and Montenegro, said, “We should have lost not 4 points in two games, but at all. The Latvia match was a separate match, we were dropped from the game there, but the opponent had the upper hand with air balls. Here too, the foul We gave the opponent a chance to score in the position we did. They scored the goal when we fouled the long ball from behind. We did not have a clear weakness in the game. It is not possible to put the name of losing points in this way after two differences in both games. Especially this match was a match that should have ended differently. Our players are good despite the negativities They played well, there were good goals, there should have been more. Two or three of our players were injured and it was an advantage for the tall players of the opponent.” gave the answer.

Experienced coach, “At the end of the match, a group of fans ‘Senol Güneş resigned’ chants. What can you say about it?” “The audience cheers about the resignation. It is not possible for me to say why you shouted. If you win, they applaud, if you lose, they look negative. We try our best, and the fans are at least as upset as we are. I don’t think it is right to find a solution by blaming someone.” she replied.

Şenol Güneş, on the question of his choice of goalkeeper, said, “I think all three of the goalkeepers are good. Mert has a problem because he did not play because of his transfer. Uğurcan also has a problem with the European Championship. Altay was safer, so today I started with him. It wouldn’t be right if we blamed a player for every goal we conceded.” made its assessment.

Montenegro front

Montenegro’s coach Miodrag Radulovic said that they deserved a point with the goal they scored in the extra time.

Making a statement at the press conference held after the match, Radulovic said, “You watched a match worthy of the World Cup. We performed very well. I said that we came here not only for defense but also for offense. Here we did it. I think everyone enjoyed this night with the quality game we played. “The Turkish team was very strong, the Turkish players were of great quality. Therefore, they took the lead by 2-0. The first goal we conceded was a goal by chance. Then we slowly opened up, we finished the match 2-2. I believe we deserved the score we got until the end.” used his statements.

“I don’t think it was the fault of the Turkish team, we were very good.” Radulovic said:

“We tried to play quality football here, and we succeeded. This is the indicator of the 7 points we won in the group. We got a point crowning the good game we played. My players did not lose their team spirit and they brought us this good result.”

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