IndiaCPI loses backbone to SFIs; K Sudhakaran with a joke

CPI loses backbone to SFIs; K Sudhakaran with a joke


  • Despite publicly insulting the woman leader, the CPI did not respond
  • Sudhakaran says CPI has lost its backbone
  • Can the CPM hold a rally of a thousand people outside Kerala?

Thiruvananthapuram: KPCC president K Sudhakaran said that the CPI has lost its backbone in the face of the danger of the SFIs. The KPCC president asked whether his own party had reacted to the public humiliation of the AISF women leader during the clashes during the MG University elections.

The CPI is in a state of no one to respond to. Police are not arresting SFI activists in the matter. Sudhakaran said the Congress knows how to take the law if it does not go its way. Sudhakaran said that if the CPI leaders in Kerala come to the Congress, they will be welcomed with open arms.

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AV Gopinath, who left the party after the election of DCC presidents, will be brought back to the party. He said he would be given the position he deserved.

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Sudhakaran also came out against the CPM’s stand that it was not ready to cooperate with the Congress. “What is the strength of the Left in national politics? The CPM is not only in Kerala? What other state can the CPM have that can hold a rally of a thousand people? What help has the Left got from the Congress in the fight against the government? Even now, the party has no great advantage. The Left is the weakest movement in the Indian opposition.” Sudhakaran said.

However, AV Gopinath had said yesterday that he was not aware of K Sudhakaran’s statement that he was with the party. Gopinath scoffed that the Congress’ new approach was to exclude cadres from implementing the semi-cadre system. Gopinath had earlier said that he was not a semi-cadre but a cadre.

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