India'Cow should be declared as national animal...' remarks of Allahabad High Court...

‘Cow should be declared as national animal…’ remarks of Allahabad High Court while rejecting bail application of cow slaughter accused

New Delhi
The Allahabad High Court, during the hearing of a bail plea on Wednesday, said that the cow should be declared as the national animal. The court said that cow protection should be made a fundamental right of Hindus. A bench of Justice Shekhar Yadav made these observations while rejecting the bail plea of ​​Javed, an accused of cow slaughter.

‘Cow protection is not associated with any religion’
The High Court said, ‘Protecting and promoting the cow is not related to any religion. Cow is the culture of India and it is the duty of every citizen living in the country to protect the culture, irrespective of their religion.

‘When culture and faith get hurt, the country weakens’
The court said, ‘We know that when the culture and faith of a country gets hurt, that country becomes weak.’ The High Court held that the right to eat beef can never be a fundamental right. The court said that the country will be safe only when the cows are protected and only then the country will progress.

‘5 Muslim rulers also banned cow slaughter in their rule’
The High Court said that not only Hindus understand the importance of cow, Muslims also understood the importance of cow in Indian culture during their rule. Even under the rule of 5 Muslim rulers, cow slaughter was banned. The court said that Babur, Humayun and Akbar had banned cow sacrifice in their festivals as well. The Nawab of Mysore, Hyder Ali, had declared cow slaughter a punishable offence.

Rejection of bail plea of ​​cow slaughter accused
Rejecting the bail plea of ​​the accused of cow slaughter, the bench of Justice Shekhar Yadav said that the accused had committed cow slaughter in the past, due to which the harmony of the society was disturbed. The court said that if the accused is granted bail, he will commit this crime again and will spoil the atmosphere of the society.

‘Cow useful even when it is old and sick’
The court said that the cow is useful even when it is old and sick, its dung and urine are very useful in farming, making medicines. The biggest thing is that people worship the cow as a mother, even if it becomes old and sick. No one has the right to kill him.

‘There should be a law in the Parliament to declare the cow as the national animal’
The High Court said that the government should also bring a bill in the Parliament to declare the cow as the national animal. Strict laws should be brought against those who talk of harming cows. Strict laws should be made against those who pretend to protect cows by building cowsheds etc., but their aim is not to protect cows but to make money in its name.


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