IndiaCovid will tighten the noose on fake vaccine, the government told how...

Covid will tighten the noose on fake vaccine, the government told how to identify the real vaccine


  • Government has issued some parameters for identification of Covid vaccine
  • Recently, fake coveshield was found in South East Asia and Africa.
  • Information on the label, color and brand name of the vaccine is given.
  • India currently has three vaccines, Covishield, Covaccine and Sputnik.

New Delhi: The Government of India on Saturday issued some parameters to identify whether the Covid Vaccines in the country are real or fake. Actually, Fake Covisheild was recently found in South East Asia and Africa. After this, the WHO had alerted about the fake vaccine. In view of this, the government has taken this step. These parameters have been sent to all the states to ensure that the original vaccine is being administered to the people.

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This list has been prepared on the basis of information received from the companies making the three vaccines in India. In this, information about the label, color and brand name of the three vaccines – Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnik V – has been shared to differentiate between genuine and fake vaccines.

identification of coveshield

  • Product label of Serum Institute of India, label will be dark green in color
  • Brand Name with Trade Mark (COVISHIELD)
  • Generic name text font will not be in bold
  • CGS NOT FOR SALE will be overprinted on it

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How to recognize Covaccine

  • Label will have invisible UV helix, which can only be seen under UV light
  • Label claim text hidden in small letters between dots that says COVAXIN
  • The presence of two colors of ‘X’ in covaccine is called the green foil effect.

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Watch it in Sputnik-V

  • The labels of the Sputnik-V vaccine are slightly different as they have been imported from two different plants in Russia.
  • Although the information and design are the same on all the labels, only the name of the manufacturing plant is different.
  • Of all the vaccines that have been imported so far, only the packaging of 5 vials has a label written in English on the carton. Apart from this, everywhere else the label is written in Russian.



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