IndiaCovid Vaccination news: Government employees cannot come to Delhi without vaccination office,...

Covid Vaccination news: Government employees cannot come to Delhi without vaccination office, know what are the rules in Bihar, Rajasthan and other states

New Delhi
Those Delhi government employees who have not taken a single dose of corona vaccine till 15 October have been asked not to come to office from 16 October. He will be considered on leave until he receives the first dose of the vaccine. The government had to take this tough decision because some employees are not getting the vaccine even though it is now easily available. Such a rule regarding vaccine is not there only in Delhi. Let us see what is the situation in other states.

Before Delhi, Rajasthan, Odisha, Assam, Nagaland and the Union Territory of Chandigarh have made this rule for government employees regarding the vaccine. In these states, government employees can come to office only if they have got at least one dose of corona vaccine.

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Bihar and Himachal Pradesh claim that all their government employees have got the vaccine, so there is no need for such an order. At the same time, the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Haryana claim that more than 90 percent of their staff have got the vaccine.

In September, the then Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had also issued a strict decree like the Delhi government. The Captain had announced that after September 15, all those employees who have not got the corona vaccine will be sent on compulsory leave. However, no such order was issued after the resignation of the Captain on 18 September.

In an order issued by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Friday, it has been said that those employees of the Delhi government will not be allowed to come to the office from October 16, who have not taken any dose of vaccine to prevent corona. The order states that all such employees of the Delhi government, including teachers and frontline workers, who have not received the vaccine, will be considered ‘on leave’ until they have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

navbharat timesDelhi government employees who do not get the vaccine will not be able to work from October 16, will be considered on leave till the first dose is taken
It states, ‘Employees who have not received at least the first dose of vaccine by October 15 will not be allowed to visit their office/health care institution/educational institution from October 16 until they have received the first dose of vaccine. Take it.’

According to the order, the heads of the departments concerned will verify the employees who have taken the dose of the vaccine through the Arogya Setu App or the vaccination certificate. The order issued by Delhi Chief Secretary Vijay Dev said that the central government may “consider issuing similar guidelines in respect of its employees working in Delhi”.


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