IndiaCovid cases are declining; States open colleges and schools

Covid cases are declining; States open colleges and schools


  • The school reopens after 17 months
  • Classes are conducted in accordance with the Covid protocol
  • Classes started with 50 percent of the students

New Delhi: Life is returning to normal in states where Covid cases are low. As part of this, it is preparing to open schools in various states.

Permission has been granted to open schools in Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya and Gujarat. Many classes had already started in many of these states. Primary schools have also been allowed to open in Uttar Pradesh.

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Many schools have different classes. Classes 9 to 12 in Delhi and Tamil Nadu started from today. In Madhya Pradesh, schools from class six to class 12 have also started today. Schools in the region are also open today. Colleges and universities in Tamil Nadu have started functioning from today.

In Uttar Pradesh, Class IX to XII was open till August 16 and Class VIII to VIII was open till August 23. Madrassas are also open.

The school will reopen after 17 months. Classes are conducted in accordance with the Covid protocol. Classes started with 50 percent of the students.

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The government has confirmed that two doses of the vaccine have been received. In some states, including Uttar Pradesh, there are currently 2 shifts in the morning and afternoon. The decision was made to conduct classes with students 6 days a week. Online classes will continue along with this.

Meanwhile, the Telangana High Court had yesterday blocked the Telangana government’s decision to open educational institutions.

In addition to schools, various other departments, including tourism, have been started in various places. The tourism scene in Meghalaya has also revived. In addition, the Supreme Court began to hear direct arguments.

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In Gujarat, students from class six to class eight have been ordered to go to school. It has been approved since September 2.

In the wake of the Uttar Pradesh elections, Mayawati has announced that her election campaign will begin on September 7. At the same time, Covid cases are on the rise in Kerala.


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