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COVID-19: The end of the Pandemic is in the hands of the world, said Hu Pradhan

Own report: The corona virus has repeatedly transformed itself and pushed the world into crisis in the last two years; However, the World Health Organization believes that the end of coronary heart disease is in the hands of ordinary people.

When the Pandemic will end is in the hands of the world. If the whole world thinks it is necessary to end the Pandemic, then it will end. This was stated by WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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The Corona Delta variant has plunged the world into a new crisis. There were 4 million infections worldwide last week. Hu fears the infection could exceed 200 million in the next few weeks. In this context, Hu-Pradhan knows that in the last four weeks, covid infections in the region have increased by 70 percent. Which is almost double. In Africa alone, more than 60 percent of deaths occur. And behind all this is the delta form of Covid. Which has already spread to 132 countries.

The virus is constantly changing form and character. Hu (World Health Organization) thinks that it may become more terrible in the coming days. Yet in this situation the common man must come forward to eradicate Corona.

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