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Council of Europe: Russia used “minority rights” as an excuse to invade Ukraine

The Advisory Committee of the Council of Europe on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM) expressed regret, saying that Russia used “minority rights” as a pretext to invade Ukraine.

The Council of Europe statement on the FCNM said the Committee strongly condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine and deplored “Russia’s use of the issue of minority rights as a pretext to invade Ukraine.”

“The Advisory Committee is shocked at the loss of life and humanitarian suffering caused by the war. National minorities, as well as internally displaced persons and refugees, have suffered in the war zones,” the statement said.

The document notes that Russia, which was expelled from the Council of Europe in connection with the aggression against Ukraine, is still a party to the FCNM and its obligations apply to it.

In this context, it is stated that the Advisory Committee will also continue to monitor the impact of these developments on national minorities in Russia.

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