WorldCorona-Mystery: Corona was being tested in a Chinese lab, US Republicans claimed

Corona-Mystery: Corona was being tested in a Chinese lab, US Republicans claimed

Own report: Where are you from? Tensions over such questions have been going on since the beginning. China has been the target of suspicion around the world most of the time.

The United States has repeatedly demanded that China search for Corona’s roots. China has strongly objected to this from the very beginning. Not only objection, a few days ago, China also retaliated against the United States. But there is a change in him again. This time, the US Republican Party claimed that the corona virus was being tested in a Chinese lab. And from that it spreads.

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A laboratory in China is constantly researching unknown viruses around the world. There is a lot of speculation as to whether the corona virus came out of there in any way. It has killed 4.4 million people worldwide. As a result, the responsibility is fatal. So, the whole world wants to know the real information.

In light of this suspicion, the United States has repeatedly put forward the Wuhan Institute of Virology / WIV. And China has always blown it up. It is true that US researchers have not yet given a final report on the matter. This time, however, the U.S. Republicans released a report on Uhan Lab. Their researchers claim that the corona spread from Uhan’s lab. And the world is called Covid-19 pandemic.

The report has just been published. It was mentioned there that research on corona was going on in the Wuhan Lab, which was run in collaboration with the US and Chinese governments. It was tested to see how the corona virus could be transmitted to humans. The Republicans’ report also mentioned that there is evidence in this regard.

The corona virus was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019. This infection was first seen in the market of that region. From there, the virus spread throughout China. And in the next few months, the virus spread to other parts of the world.

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