IndiaCorona India Report: The situation in India can become like a deadly...

Corona India Report: The situation in India can become like a deadly delta wave, warns in the report of the United Nations

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Corona cases are increasing rapidly in the country. There have been 2,64,202 new cases of corona virus infection in the country in the last 24 hours, which is the highest in 239 days. With the arrival of these new cases, the number of infected has increased to 3,65,82,129. This includes 5,753 cases of the Omicron form of the deadly virus. Meanwhile, a UN report is indicating a new threat.

UN report on India

Yes, a United Nations report says that like the wave of delta variants that came to India last year, similar situations may arise in the future as well. Between April and June 2021, a deadly wave of the delta form of Covid-19 killed 2,40,000 people. During this economic recovery was hampered. The United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects 2022 Report also states that the death toll and economic losses are projected to rise again due to new waves of infection with the highly contagious omicron form of Covid-19.

The havoc that Delta wreaked in India last year, it may happen again… Scaring UN warning
“In India, a deadly wave of delta-type infections killed 240,000 people between April and June and hampered economic recovery,” the report said. Similar situation may arise in near time.

India Covid Updates: 2.64 lakh new cases reported in India, Omicron patients increased to 5753
Liu Genmin, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, said, “Without a coordinated and sustained global approach to control COVID-19, this pandemic will continue to pose the greatest risk to the inclusive and sustainable growth of the global economy.” .’

Alarm bells on Omicron
The Omicron form of the corona virus is rapidly overtaking the delta form and cases of infection from this form are now coming to the fore all over the world. A senior WHO official has warned in this regard. He said there is increasing evidence that Omicron can evade immunity, but that the severity of the disease is low compared to other forms.

Maria Van Kerkhove, infectious disease epidemiologist and “Covid-19 technical lead” at the WHO, said it may take time for Omicron to dominate the delta in some countries, depending on the level of spread of the delta form in those countries. .

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