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Corona India News: Will the wave of Corona come again in Delhi? What are the top doctors of the country saying

new Delhi : Will there be another wave of Corona in the country? In Hong Kong, parts of China, South Korea and some European countries, this concern has started to arise among the people of the country as the infection increases again. A large number of people are dying due to corona infection in Hong Kong. In such a situation it is important to understand what the top doctors of the country are saying on Corona. Doctors clearly say that there is no possibility of increasing Covid infection in the country soon. After the first case was reported in Kerala in January 2020, till now the country has faced three big waves of corona. At present, the positivity rate is less than 1 percent and daily cases are coming around 2500-3000.

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Corona wave will not come in India?
Former Dean of AIIMS and Immunologist Dr. NK Mehra said, “In Hong Kong, the vaccination rate is not enough. At this time, this can be the biggest reason for increasing the case there and taking its dangerous form. He told our associate newspaper TOI that India can avert the next corona wave and there are two big reasons for this. First, most Indians have been exposed to the virus and have acquired immunity naturally. Second, the corona vaccine has been administered to almost all adults and a large number of children aged 15 years and above.

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But keep wearing the mask.

Regarding China, the immunologist said that according to the reports being received from there, daily cases are not coming much, yet it has been decided to impose lockdown in some areas there. About 30 million people are locked in their homes in China.

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According to WHO, the reason for the increase in corona cases in Europe is due to the Omicron variant and its sub-variant. Dr. K. Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India said that the people of India have already encountered this variant during the third wave. Reddy clearly said that in such a situation, I do not see the possibility of a new wave of Covid coming in India soon. However, he also cautioned. Reddy said, ‘People should adopt Covid appropriate behavior, especially in public places. People should wear masks and maintain social distance in crowded places.

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From March 27, India is going to remove all international travel restrictions. He further said, ‘After facing the Pandemic for two years, we have seen that due to travel restrictions, the spread of infection can be stopped but it cannot stop the spread completely.’

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Dr. Kameshwar Prasad, former head of neurology at AIIMS and current director of Ranchi Institute of Medical Sciences, said that people now have to learn to live with this virus. Prasad assured, ‘The virus may last for some more time. Due to this, a jump in the case can be seen at some places. But with vaccination, the impact of such an infection and its potential to cause serious illness will be minimal. More than 90 percent of the adult population in India has been fully vaccinated against Covid.

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How many boosters are needed?

Experts also say that the two-dose vaccine provides protection for a maximum of six to eight months. In such a situation, depending on the availability of the vaccine, the government should allow people between the ages of 45 and 60 to apply the third ie booster dose. This is because people of this age group also have many other serious diseases.

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