IndiaCongress encouraged the leftists who wrote the heroic saga of the attackers,...

Congress encouraged the leftists who wrote the heroic saga of the attackers, Vikram Sampath’s candid face in front of Shashi Tharoor


  • Taught false history of Muslim invaders
  • Islamic attack was one of the bloodiest attacks in human history
  • Indian history remained confined in the hands of leftist historians

New Delhi
Well-known historian Vikram Sampath has fiercely told the Congress. Sampath launched a scathing attack on the country’s oldest party in the presence of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. He said that the party encouraged the Left who wrote the heroic stories of the attackers. He wrote Indian history in a very twisted manner. It does not present the correct picture.

The occasion was India Today Conclave. Here Shashi Tharoor was also present on the same stage with Sampath. When Sampath was asked whether Indians identify themselves with the Constitution or whether they identify with religion, he replied in detail. Before answering, he made it clear that he is presenting his point of view as a historian, not a political one.

Englishness in thought
Sampath said that we have of course become politically independent. But, our thinking could not get out of the colonial era. Englishism has dominated the entire education system. The role of education has been to produce multilingualism. The impression of this English is visible on our thoughts too. This has been the approach in writing history.

Sampat said that when children are exposed to history, it seems that they are exposed to the history of some other country. Nationalist historians got a place even during the worst period of British rule. These include names like Jadunath Sarkar, RC Majumdar, Radha Kumud Mukherjee, VK Rajwade, CV Vaidya.

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Congress gave place to leftist historians
However, unfortunately after independence, the Congress inadvertently gave that place to leftist historians, Sampath said. History is a subject that requires many perspectives and views. It is another matter that in India it remained confined in the hands of leftist historians. This played a big role in Indian history. Many mistakes happened.

He said that from the point of view of the Left, the story of India seems to be the story of the invaders. A child who starts reading this, starts seeing a long list of invaders in front of him. Sometimes it feels like we are a country to be defeated. Whereas the truth is that we have won many wars. We have also bravely stopped the external invaders. But, it was written off in a light-hearted manner.

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History of India Delhi Centered
He said that the history of India seems to be Delhi-centric. There is neither much mention of the Pallava, Vijayanagara rule, nor of the Cholas, Travancore and Rashtrakutas. India needs to reclaim its history from Delhi. It cannot be Delhi centric.

The writing of medieval history has turned its back on accepting many bad aspects. Especially the true picture is not presented about the Muslim invaders. Sampath quoted an American historian as saying that he has termed the Islamic invasion of India as the bloodiest invasion in human history. Sampath questioned whether it finds mention in our history books as it should be.

He said that it is feared that this may affect the sovereignty of the country. But, the truth should be shown as the truth. History gives way to go back in time and feel it. It also asks him to move on. However, that was not done.



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