IndiaCongress dead horse; PV Anwar said that people have buried them

Congress dead horse; PV Anwar said that people have buried them


  • Congress is a dead horse
  • Congress has nothing to explode
  • A mockery of Congress

Kochi: Nilambur MLA PV Anwar has ridiculed the Congress. Anwar said in a Facebook post that the Congress was just a dead horse and that the people had buried them.

“There is no such thing as a Congress to explode today. The people have already dug them up and covered them. All that is left is a” dead horse “called the Congress, as Nehru once said to the League. He said. PV Anwar has ridiculed the riots that erupted in the Congress after the release of the list of DCC presidents.

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CPM leader and former minister AK Balan had yesterday said that the Congress was heading for a big explosion.

The Congress today does not have a structure that can accommodate K Sudhakaran’s style. There is a good section of democratically minded people within the Congress. Sudhakaran’s approaches are not in a way that they can accommodate. It is not possible to lead the Congress by claiming to be a semi-cadre party. Because without the group, the Congress would not exist. KC Joseph himself has said this. If Sudhakaran dreams of a non-group Congress, there will be no more Congress; Instead there will only be groups. It is just a day dream to grow the Congress into a cadre party beyond the group, Balan said.

Congress workers have reminded that Sudhakaran will have the same experience as Mullappally and Sudheeran. Two senior leaders have been suspended for commenting. They have said that the move is not in line with common sense. Moreover, there was a situation where Oommen Chandy was clearly challenged. Oommen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala are being reprimanded harshly and openly. This, too, is unprecedented in the history of Congress. AK Balan said that K Sudhakaran was showing the same hostile attitude towards the CPM and its leaders towards the traditional leaders of the Congress.

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At the same time, K Sudhakaran said that the controversy over the appointment of DCC presidents was an old chapter. “All the views of the party have been expressed on this issue. It is an old chapter. I do not want to repeat anything. I have to say. I have clarified what the position of the party is. We do not want to go back and discuss it. We do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. ” K Sudhakaran told the media on Monday.

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