WorldCongratulations from President Erdogan to 'Efes of the Net'

Congratulations from President Erdogan to ‘Efes of the Net’

President ErdoganAfter the match, Turkish Volleyball Federation Vice President Ahmet Göksu and A National Men’s Volleyball Team Head Coach Nedim Özbey talked on the phone.

Congratulating Göksu on the Russian victory, Erdoğan asked the players to personally send his greetings.

Vice-President Göksu said, “As long as you are in charge, we will have many victories, I hope.” used the phrase.

Emotional moments were experienced during Erdoğan’s later meeting with head coach Nedim Özbey. Özbey, who was brought to Turkey by a private ambulance plane from Spain on the orders of President Erdoğan last year due to his illness, stated that he could not hold back his tears due to the victory he received during the meeting.

Özbey said, “This is something that has happened in 100 years. We have beaten Russia twice in our history. I was the coach in both, this was very valuable. To beat Russia, which played in the Olympic final, here… I’m in tears right now, sorry. We gave our lives. All the degrees we have received since 1994 coincide with your time.” he said.

President Erdoğan conveyed his wishes of success to Özbey and the national team for other matches in the championship.

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