IndiaCompany secret leaked to girlfriend and friends; 7.5 crore Indians embezzled,...

Company secret leaked to girlfriend and friends; 7.5 crore Indians embezzled, case in US

New York: A case has been registered against Indians in the US for embezzling crores of rupees. The lawsuit was filed against seven people who leaked company secrets, including to friends, in the wake of a rise in the company’s share price. They have leaked around Rs 7.5 crore by leaking confidential information.

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Hari Prasad Sure (34), Lokesh Lagudu (31) and Chotu Prabhu Tej Pulak (29), who work as engineers at San Francisco – based cloud computing communications company Twilio, have been accused of leaking company secrets. The Securities and Exchange Commission said on Monday that the three were friends.

Defendants, who knew in advance that the company’s share price would rise, passed on the information to their friends. Preliminary information is that Hari Prasad Sure led the scam. Sure passed the information on to another friend of his, Dilip Kumar Reddy Kamujula, 35. Using the information available, he became active in the company’s stock market and made more money. Another accused, Lagudu’s girlfriend Sai Naik Pudi, 30, was also involved in the scam. Lagadu then informed other friends Abhishek Dharmapurikar (33). Meanwhile, Prabhu Tej Pulak leaked information to his brother Chetan Prabhu (31).

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All three defendants had access to various databases where they could find information related to the company’s stock market. They used this opportunity to swindle crores. Defendants realized that the company’s share price would rise sharply in March 2020 as Tvilio’s customers became more and more dependent on the company’s products and services, as Covid cases began to spread around the world. Defendants then collected confidential information and passed it on to friends. Until May 6, 2020, the money was stolen using confidential information.

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According to the complaint, Hari Prasad Sure, Lokesh Lagudu and Chotu Prabhu Tej Pulakam exchanged views in Telugu to commit fraud. Defendants discussed Twilio’s stock market fluctuations in late March and early May 2020. Defendants were seen and discussed in person as part of the fraud. The complaint was filed in the Northern District of California. The case was registered against each of the accused as per the rules of the stock market. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Northern California has charged Kamujula with criminal misconduct.

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