WorldCommunist rebel leader assassinated in Philippines

Communist rebel leader assassinated in Philippines

The Filipino military killed the leader of the communist rebels, Jorge Madlos.

Medlos, also known as Ka Oris, was killed during the fighting in Bukidnon province on the island of Mindanao. General Romeo Brauner, who is in charge of government operations in the region, told the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

“The reign of terror of Ka Oris is finally over. Unfortunately, his atrocities have led to tragic consequences. Now justice has been done for those innocent civilians and their communities, whom he terrorized for several decades, ”the agency quoted Brauner as saying.

Brauner added that Madlos’ death could be the “final blow” for the communist rebel group, leading to its “final collapse.”

Jorge Madlos for many years led a guerrilla unit of the so-called “New People’s Army” operating in the mountainous regions of the southern Philippines. He was also a spokesman for the National Democratic Front, an umbrella organization for local leftist groups.

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