IndiaCommon Room: Medal winners rewarded, others taunted!

Common Room: Medal winners rewarded, others taunted!

Monika Sharma

Indian players are creating history in the ongoing Paralympic Games in Tokyo. A record has also been made for winning 5 medals including gold medal in a single day. Disabled players, who are performing unbelievably on the strength of the mind, are increasing the country’s prestige in this sports competition on the world stage, are building their identity.

The population of differently-abled in different categories in the country is more than 2 crores. According to a 2018 survey by the National Statistical Office, 2.2 percent of India’s population is suffering from disability. Of these, only 36.3% of the disabled population is working. It is estimated that if the government does not make some concerted efforts, then by 2022 the number of unemployed disabled people will cross 1 crore.

Tokyo Paralympics

The success of the players who came out of these Divyangjans and won the Paralympics is being appreciated everywhere from the virtual world to the real world. In such a situation, the question is bound to be that why does the ease and easy acceptance of living life come in their lap only after reaching the pinnacle of success? It is appropriate to get recognition and respect after doing wonders in any field, but why should they face countless difficulties while living like a common citizen?

The case of suicide after a doctor killed his wife and two children by injecting poison in Ahmednagar district is not very old. Before taking this dreadful step, it was written in the suicide note that my son cannot hear. Neighbors and relatives misbehave with him. We are going to die in distress and sorrow. Our child does not like anything. She feels so bad for this kind of behavior and as parents we can’t see her sadness any more.

It is worth considering that this eminent doctor, who took such a step after being distressed by the insensitivity of his environment and society, was considered a doctor of the poor. Dr. Thorat, who gave his property in the suicide note to the organization working for the disabled, used to treat people at very low fees. Regrettably, this is not an isolated incident. Sometimes ridicule of strangers and sometimes neglect of loved ones. Sometimes the problems of government schemes and sometimes the problems of the society.

It is not difficult to understand that when there are struggling conditions for common players in India, then how many difficulties must be faced by these players struggling with physical disabilities. In such a situation, it is commendable to reward the players who win medals by the state governments. Among the three players from Rajasthan who won three medals in a day, gold medalist shooter Avani Lekhra will get Rs 3 crore, silver medalist javelin thrower Devendra Jhajharia will get Rs 2 crore and bronze medalist javelin thrower Sundar Gurjar will get Rs 1 crore. Has been. The Gujarat government has also announced a government job of Rs 3 crore to Bhavina Patel, who won silver medal in table tennis.

Haryana government has announced a reward of Rs 6 crore to Sumit Antil, who won gold medal in javelin throw event, and Rs 4 crore to Yogesh Kathunia, who won silver medal in discus throw. The state government has announced a reward of Rs 1 crore for Nishad Kumar of Himachal Pradesh, who won a silver medal in high jump. It is also pleasant that through social media platforms, common people are taking interest in knowing their struggling journey. Appreciating their courage. These players of ours, who win even after losing by neglect, are jugglers.

It is expected that instead of making Divyang players the stars of the days of counting, there will be a change in the thinking of the society forever. The achievements that increase the value of the tricolor on foreign soil will strengthen the positive thinking and acceptance towards the differently-abled in the society. This spirit of celebrating their success can reduce their struggle a little.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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