IndiaColleges in the state will reopen tomorrow; Minister R Bindu said...

Colleges in the state will reopen tomorrow; Minister R Bindu said Kovid should meet the norms


  • The minister said that the heads of the institutions have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the students
  • Heads of institutions can decide on the timing
  • Covid standards must be strictly adhered to

Thiruvananthapuram: Higher education institutions will be fully opened in the state from tomorrow. One and two year degree classes and first year PG classes will be started. Colleges will resume operations in compliance with Covid standards. Higher Education Minister R Bindu said the government should ensure that Covid standards are strictly adhered to.

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The college reopens after a long hiatus following the Covid crisis. The atmosphere that caused the opening of the college to be extended once again persists in some quarters. In view of both, the Minister said that the heads of educational institutions should be vigilant to ensure the safety of students.

The timing is decided by the respective institutions as per the instructions given earlier. Heads of institutions should ensure that the recommendation regarding vaccination is followed under the supervision of the Covid Vigilance Committee. Thermal scanners, sanitizers, masks and hand washes should be provided as needed.

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Those who have not been vaccinated before the age of eighteen should be allowed to take one dose of the vaccine and attend classes until they receive the second dose. It should be ensured that all adults in the homes of such students are vaccinated. Teachers and students who are not vaccinated due to reluctance should not be admitted to campuses. He said it was better for the sick and the disabled not to come to colleges.

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