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Coastal cleaning from the gendarmerie in the Abana district of Kastamonu, where the flood disaster took place.

After the flood disaster in Kastamonu on 11 August, the garbage carried by the Ezine Stream to the Abana district on the Black Sea coast was cleaned by the gendarmerie.

241 personnel, consisting of commandos affiliated to Kastamonu Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK), Gendarmerie Special Public Security Command (JÖAK), Environment, Nature and Animal Protection and public order teams, carried out environmental cleaning in the part starting from the port area to the district center.

Gendarmerie personnel, who meticulously collected the garbage spread over a wide area on the beach, restored the beach to its appearance before the flood.

One of the citizens, Tayfun Abana, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that as a result of the flood disaster in the region, pieces of wood and garbage washed up on the beach in the district.

Abana thanked the gendarmerie personnel who made a great effort to clean the coast and said, “As a result of the flood disaster we experienced on 11 August, our seas became polluted and filled with trees and garbage. As of today, our commandos and soldiers came to our district and did a serious cleaning by the seaside, we are grateful to them.” he said.

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