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Coal Crisis: Unnecessary panic is being created over coal; There is no power crisis, said the Union Power Minister

Own report: The coal crisis is at its peak across the country. The capital itself may be plunged into darkness. That is the fear expressed by Delhi’s Power Minister Satyendra Jain. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to the Prime Minister in this regard. Orissa and Andhra Pradesh have also expressed concern. However, the Union Power Minister claimed that there was no reason for unreasonable panic. Panic is being created over the lack of coal.

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“We have enough power,” Union Power Minister RK Singh said on Sunday. Electricity is being supplied to the whole country. They can inform the Center if any state needs electricity. We will provide it. It has been rumored without any reason that the country has coal reserves for only 4 days. Delhi will also be provided electricity as required. There is no question of load shedding. The supply of imported coal from home and abroad is in order.

Earlier this week, states like Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi and Tamil Nadu complained that coal stocks at their thermal power plants were running out. Keeping in mind the situation, power supply is being cut off in different parts of the state.

It was heard on Saturday that the country’s thermal power plants have only four days of coal reserves for use. That created panic in different states. However, RK Singh said that the stock that has been mentioned is the stock. That is not the end. Because the supply of coal is being maintained. Prolonged rains and submergence of mines have caused problems in coal extraction, but the supply of coal seems to be low to meet the growing demand.

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RK Singh further said that the country used to have 18 days of coal reserves. This amount of coal was stored from November to June. This time it is being increased. The Chief Minister of Delhi should have spoken to me before the Prime Minister. The lieutenant governor of Delhi called me yesterday. I told him that there was no shortage of coal in Delhi. We have standby power plants in the capital that can keep the power supply running.

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