IndiaCM says human life is bigger; PPE kit purchased at great...

CM says human life is bigger; PPE kit purchased at great cost; Shailaja on corruption charges


  • Shailaja asked if the people should have given up
  • It was bought at a great price from where it was available
  • The PPE kit was purchased on the instructions of the Chief Minister

Thiruvananthapuram: Former Health Minister KK Shailaja reacted to the incident where he had to buy a PPE kit at three times the market price. She said the decision to buy the PPE kit at a hefty price was taken on the instructions of the Chief Minister when there was a shortage. They asked if he should have given up in such a situation.

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All safety equipment has disappeared from the market in the wake of the Covid crisis. Health workers need to have safety equipment in place to treat patients. Why not pay for it? Do you want to go to the patient? Shailaja asked. We could have adopted the approach adopted by the UK and the US. Shailaja said he could not say that he did not buy the PPE kit as it was not available.

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The PPE kit was available when searched. But the price was Rs. When he ran to the Chief Minister, he asked if human life was too big to look at at any cost. Bought from where available. When it became available later, it was bought for Rs.500. Do not mislead people. Shailaja said the government was campaigning as if it had done something wrong and now it has come down with a number of allegations of corruption.

The government has the power to procure goods without following due process in the event of a disaster. Communists must resist attacks on the government. KK Shailaja was responding to allegations that Covid was involved in corruption.

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