India'Climbing a horse in marriage is cruelty to animals', people put PETA's...

‘Climbing a horse in marriage is cruelty to animals’, people put PETA’s class on the tweet, also demanded to ban


  • PETA India calls horse riding in weddings cruel
  • There was a ruckus on Twitter over the tweet of PETA India
  • People demanded to ban PETA, called it anti-Hindu

New Delhi
PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or people in favor of ethical treatment of animals. On Monday, his Twitter handle tweeted that it is insulting and cruel to use a mare in marriage ceremonies. There was bound to be a ruckus on this tweet, so it also started. People are tweeting fiercely against PETA and today PETA has started trending on Twitter. Some people have demanded to derecognise PETA, while some people are calling PETA Brahminical. At the same time, some people say that PETA does not see goats being slaughtered on Bakrid?

First of all you see PETA’s tweet
The Twitter handle of PETA i.e. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote on Monday at around 7 pm, ‘Using a mare in wedding ceremonies is degrading and cruel.’ Since then, PETA has come under attack from the people. Some people called PETA anti Hindu and some people said that PETA should be banned.

Former CBI director called PETA a fraud
Retired IPS officer and former CBI director M Nageswara Rao wrote that the fraud is a charitable company registered under the PETA Companies Act. In the guise of being charitable, it aims to be Anti Hindu and Anti India. Tagging Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, he wrote that its registration should be canceled immediately under Section 8 of the Companies Act.

Is PETA Brahminical?
Rahul Roshan, a journalist by profession, writes while retweeting PETA on Twitter, “In an era when even Dalit grooms are insisting that they too will ride a horse, PETA has now come up with this Shigufa. Is PETA secretly Brahminical?’ He has also tagged Congress leader Udit Raj in his tweet.

Peta doesn’t see animal bites?
A Twitter user named Sapna Madan writes, Horse riding is cruel, but killing animals on festivals is not cruel. I am glad that I stopped donating to PETA a long time ago. It was written from the handle of Dr. Ram that it is high time that PETA should be banned to stop all kind of cruelty.

PETA told Amul to switch to vegan milk
Let us tell you that this is not the first time that such questions have been raised on PETA’s tweet. With the aim of stopping cruelty to animals, PETA keeps on tweeting and people keep doing PETA classes according to their own. A few months back, PETA suggested Amul to switch to vegan milk. Then Amul had said that NGOs run by foreign funds should desist from ruining the Indian dairy industry.


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