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Climate change will wreak havoc in Europe, floods and terrible cyclones will keep coming: Experts

A few weeks ago, the floods in Germany had worried the whole world. Now a research has feared that Europe may have to face more dangerous weather in the coming times. Meteorologist Nadia Blomenzel has given a model that suggests that the recent weather in Europe could be forever.

180 people died in floods in Germany and Belgium. On the other hand, one person died and 22 were injured in a forest fire in 7000 hectares of France. Nadia has warned that Europe should prepare for such weather. He says that in the next 50 years such weather will start returning to normal and will change the life of Europe.

Will have to prepare for survival from now on
He told Euronews that to deal with this, there should be warning systems and communication channels in advance. He says that climate change is at the root of this problem. His model shows such parts of the world where tropical cyclones have never occurred but will start coming in 30-50 years.

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Nadia says, ‘Climate change is the fuel of such cyclones. Research shows that there will be more powerful storms which were tropical cyclones and have now moved towards Europe. He says that it will be more dangerous as the temperature rises.

The danger shown in the IPCC report
The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report in August said that warming is causing sea levels to rise, ice caps shrinking, and extreme heatwaves, droughts, floods and hurricanes. Tropical cyclones are getting stronger and rainier, while Arctic sea ice is melting in the summer and the area’s ever-frozen ice cover is shrinking. All these things will get worse.

The report said that the temperature has been ‘locked in’ due to the green gases emitted by humans into the atmosphere. This means that even if emissions are reduced dramatically, some changes will not be ‘reversed’ for centuries.

Flood devastation in Germany

Flood devastation in Germany